Maxillaria af. guareimensis confirmed to be Maxillaria procurrens

Maxillaria af. guareimensis confirmed to be Maxillaria procurrens

Awarded as Maxillaria c.f. guareimensis

Three flowers and one bud produced singly from the leaf bases close to the end of one of five new growths; growths/stems rhizomatous sub-erect to 16cm long arising from 2 basal flattened pseudobulbs forming aerial pseudobulbs at a distance of 1.5 to 4cm from the previous pseudobulb; flowers triangular, petals reflexed; sepals golden on back, overlaid brick red on proximal two thirds, on front overlaid brick red except along the margin and bar-like patches along mid-veins; petals and lip brick red overlaid deep black-red on proximal half; column curved, golden proximally; substance heavy; texture matte except on lip overlay where it is glossy.

Dear Peter,

Maxillaria c.f. guareimensis, award 20095017, has been confirmed to be Maxillaria procurrens by the SITF May 2009, with assistance from Mario Blanco, Mark Whitten, and Eric Christenson. There is already a CHM for this species.

Patricia Harding, chair SITF


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