Maxillaria rufescens

Maxillaria rufescens

Jay forwarded the photos and description to Eric Christenson, and Eric's
response is below, unaltered.

Dear Jay,

This is definetly Maxillaria abelei but since the condescending-one
Govaerts doesn't accept this species . . . . . It is from northern Peru
and the boldness of the spots on the lip is like nothing else in
Maxillaria section Rufescens (Mormolyca sensu Gainesville and presumably

It is NOT Maxillaria rufescens.


Maxillaria rufescens, award # 20088446(this number may not be correct as I can’t read the form clearly- please check your records for the correct number), has been confirmed to be correctly identified as Maxillaria rufescens by SITF. Eric Christensen, in providing assistance with the confirmation, states it is Maxillaria abelei. The Kew Monocot list considers M. abelei to be a synonym of M. rufescens.

Patricia Harding


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