Judging Center: Toronto

Award Number: 20186972

Award Date: November 10, 2018

Awarded As: Oberonia oligotricha

Approx 3000 flowers and 1500 buds displayed all around 14 inflorescences to 4-cm long; inflorescences terminal, individually displayed on a 16 mature plus 14 immature growth plant 21-cm long x 15-cm wide x 11-cm tall, mounted over a sphagnum moss plug on and 8-cm wide x 15-cm tall wood plaque; growths to 13-cm, close together on the rhizome; leaves flat, lanceolate, distichus, imbricate to 0.5-cm x 3-cm long; flowers non-resupinate, opening from the apex, translucent light yellow; lip darker yellow; flower too small to measure; substance firm; texture matte.

CBR award


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