Odontoglossum sceptrum

Odontoglossum sceptrum

Odontoglossum sceptrum ‘Juanita’ AM 82


One hundred six flowers and 21 buds presented on 13 gracefully arching inflorescences; flowers yellow, stellate, with crenate petals and lip; sepals overlaid with coalescing brown bars covering all but base and apex; petals spotted brown midlength; lip spotted brown basally, midlobes with transverse brown bars, apex clear; substance, good; texture, waxy.  Commended for beautiful presentation and intense coloration.


                        W                    L


NS                   7.1                   6.3

DS                   1.0                   3.7

P                      1.5                   3.8

LS                   1.1                   3.3

Lip                   2.0                   2.9


Exhibotor:  Pilar Almanza

Address:  Calle 137A # 58-35




Odontoglossum sceptrum, award 20096738, has been confirmed to be Odontoglossum sceptrum by SITF (March 2010). You can now process the award.


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