Oncidium barbatum confirmed to be Gomesa ciliata

Oncidium barbatum confirmed to be Gomesa ciliata

Oncidium barbatum Lindl., Coll. Bot.: t. 27 (1821).

Accepted Name by Kew: Gomesa barbata (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams, Ann. Bot. (Oxford) 104: 395 (2009).

Alatiglossum barbatum (Lindl.) Baptista, Colet. Orquídeas Brasil. 3: 87 (2006).

Great Plains  award 20102329- came thru Ron.

A. barbatum Alliance (5 species) Species having ovate and obscurely tetragon-shaped monofoliate pseudobulbs; flowers having elliptical petals.

this ia from an article Baptista, Docha and I are wrtting about Brasilain oncidium

Key to species:

1a. Lateral sepals equal long or shorter than lip -> 2

1b. Lateral sepals much longer than the lip -> 3

2a. Large reniform lateral lobes -> A. bahiense

2b. Ligular short lateral lobes obliquely arranged; medium size medial lobe -> 4

3a. Lateral lobes perpendicularly arranged; very short medial lobe -> A. barbatum

3b. Three lobes approx. equal size -> A. ciliatum

4a. Reniform medial lobe -> A. fuscopetalum

4b. Panduriform medial lobe -> A. herzogii

Oncidium barbatum, award 20102329, has been confirmed to be Gomesa ciliata (Alatiglossum ciliatum ) by SITF (Dec 2010).


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