Oncidium niesseniae

Oncidium niesseniae

Oncidium niesseniae Königer, Arcula 6: 165 (1996).Oncidium niesseniae Königer, Arcula 6: 165 (1996).

20098011 Onc. niesseniae 'Orquivalle' CHM

2.8 3.4

1.0 1.5

0.8 1.4

0.8 2.0

1.3 1.1

Ninety flowers n two upright, fully bloomed 65 cm. inflorescences, leaves lanceolate 32 cm long; petals and sepal yellow overlaid with chestnut brown spots, edges ruffled, lip yellow centrally spotted chestnut brown; column pale yellow lightly spotted chestnut brown; substance light; texture matte.
This is all we have on this one. From Cali Show last fall.

Oncidium niesseniae, award 20098011, has been confirmed to be Oncidium niesseniae by SITF(June 2010).


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