Oncidium volvox confirmed to be Oncidium lineoligerum

Oncidium volvox confirmed to be Oncidium lineoligerum

Dear Peter,

Oncidium volvox award 20095010, has been confirmed to be Oncidium lineoligerum by the SITF July 2009 with assistance of Willibald Königer. There is a synonym of this species awarded as O. stenotis, which would make this award nullified. You have the option of nullifying the award or if the award was a CBR the center could change it to a CHM. The rules will allow that one to go through with the statement that this is a much brighter, more overall orange/brown flower, something to that effect. If you look at the previous award it's much less orange than this one,(maybe).

Patricia Harding , chair SITF


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