Ornithidium ruberrimum

Ornithidium ruberrimum

20141899 Ornithidium ruberrimum ‘La
Rola’ CCE 93

Approximately 350 flowers and 50 buds on 400
inflorescences on 45 cm wide by 60 cm tall mounted pendent plant, rhizome 5-8
cm between growths, pseudobulbs 3-5.5 cm tall x 0.7 cm wide, leaves two per
pseudobulb, thick; flowers dark orange-red; lip white basally, blue-purple at
apex; substance medium; texture waxy, plant from Colombia. Provisional 

Ornithidium ruberrimum, award 20141899, has
been confirmed to be
Ornithidium ruberrimum
by SITF (April 2014). 


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