Phal. violacea v. coerulea

Phal. violacea v. coerulea

judging team recommended 'Lady Day' be identified because they detected darker pigmentation in the lateral sepals of the flower and believed this was due to influence of bellina. 
I was able to see this plant at the society meeting...and more importantly to smell has a spicy, fruit loop fragrance...not as much as another violacea that was there but nothing that was soapy in fragrance( I corect this..soapy is wrong violacea is supposed to smell of lemon or acid, which sniffing my bottle of lemon juice..its not the same ).

Phalaenopsis violacea f. coerulea Christenson, Phalaenopsis: 165 (2001).

Accepted Name: Phalaenopsis violacea H.Witte, Fl. Jard. 4: 129 (1861).

award# is 20106004  chair Gordon Slaymaker, exhibitor Al Pickrel

Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea award# 20106004 has been confirmed to be Phalaenopsis violacea (intergrade hybrid) by SITF (Nov 2010). This plant displays characteristics of both P. violacea and P. bellina and it is impossible to tell with the current information available if these characteristics are the result of line breeding or dubious parentage (mixing of P. violacea and P. bellina).


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