Phalaenopsis equestris f.cyanochilus

Phalaenopsis equestris f.cyanochilus

Phalaenopsis equestris f. cyanochila O.Gruss, Orchidee (Hamburg) 52: 749 (2001).This name is a synonym.Accepted Name:Phalaenopsis equestris (Schauer) Rchb.f., Linnaea 22: 864 (1850).

Award 20114919 Pacific South Pinkers. 

They also sent along some other information which I am unable to post .

Phalaenopsis equestris f. cyanochila, award 20114919, has been confirmed to be Phalaenopsis equestris (no form name) by SITF (Sept 2011). You may now process the award.

Aside: This is a blue P. equestris, just not forma cyanochila. The judging center will have to decide if the CHM they gave this is acceptable; i.e., can they argue that this "blue" equestris is significantly different than the other "blue" equestris that might already have been recognized.


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