Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana

Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana

Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 18: 745 (1882).This name is a synonym.

Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana ‘Magnifico’, CHM/AM/AOS
Awarded on 10/9/2010 a CHM (20103597) and an AM (20103598) as Phal. speciosa var. christiana 'Magnifico', CHM/AOS, 84 pts. (20103597), and AM/AOS, 81 pts. (20103598):

Measurements:  NS H 5.1cm, NS V 5.6cm
                        DS W 1.1cm, DS L 2.9cm
                        Pet W 1.0cm, Pet L 2.5cm
                        LS W 1.3cm, LS L 2.8cm
                        Lip W 0.4cm, Lip L 2.0cm

Description:  Eleven stellate flowers on seven inflorescences and two additional flowers on one branched inflorescence on a plant grown in mixture of coconut fiber and fir bark in 10-cm square plastic pot; flower base color white; sepals and petals randomly blotched with saturated rose-purple; lip side lobes bright yellow, midlobe medial one-third striated purple, pilose apically; substance firm; texture waxy; from the Andaman & Nicobar Islands; commended for interesting color pattern and positive breeding potential.

Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana, award 20103597 and 20103598, has been confirmed to be Phalaenopsis speciosa var. christiana by SITF (Sept 2011). 


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