Pleurothallis gigantea confirmed to be Pleurothallis colossus

Pleurothallis gigantea confirmed to be Pleurothallis colossus

This was also awarded a CHM (20107125 at the same Cuenca show as Pleurothallis gigantea.  That name is way wrong but...............................

Natural spread:  0.7cm horizontal x 1.5cm long Dorsal Sepal:  0.4cm wide by 1.0cm long

Petals: 0.2cm wide x 0.3cm long

Lateral Sepals: 0.6cm wide x 1.0cm long (synsepal)

Lip:  0.1cm wide by 0.1cm long

Sixteen hundred fifty flowers and buds on 37 arched, pendulous inflorescencces to 40cm from the axils of three ovate-cordate leaves to 24cm wide by 34cm long; sepals and petals translucent white, lightly specklied purple; petals club-shaped, pale yellow, minutely speckled purple; lip, column and anther cap lime green; substance firm; texture crystalline.

Pleurothallis gigantea, award 20107125, has been confirmed to be Pleurothallis colossus by SITF (Feb 2011).


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