Telipogon thomasii

Telipogon thomasii

Telipogon thomasii Dodson & R.Escobar, Icon. Pl. Trop., II, 6: t. 597 (1989).

This was awarded at a recent Cuenca show. We have nothing but this image and description.

Natural Spread 4.5cm horizontal x 4.2cm vertical Dorsal Sepal 1.1cm wide x 2.2cm long Petals 2.9cm wide x 2.5cm long Lateral Sepals 1.0cm wide x 2.0cm long Lip 3.2cm wide x 2.3cm long

One flower and our buds on one inflorescence; flowers yellow-green, translucent, flushed and tessellated red-brown; lip translucent yellow-green flushed and tessellated dark red-brown; column purple-brown, hirsute; substance very firm; texture satin.

The award was a CHM (20107118)Chicago - Jim Spatzek

Telipogon thomasii , award 20107118, has been confirmed to be Telipogon thomasii by SITF (Feb 2011).


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