Trias disciflora 2 (!!)

Trias disciflora 2 (!!)

Dear Identifiers:
My plant of Trias disciflora received a provisional CHM award of 84
points at the Blackhawk Orchid Society Show on 10/23/09.
Award # 20097922
Nat. Spread: Horiz. 2.3cm Vert. 2.7cm
Dorsal Sepal: 1.7cm horiz. 2.3cm vert.
Petal: 0.2cm horz. 0.7cm vert.
Lat Sepal: 1.5cm horz. 2.7cm vert.
Lip: 1.0cm horz. 2.1cm vert.
Description:: Plant 11.6cm by 16.0cm: globe shaped pseudobulbs, up to
1.7cm in diameter; leaves turgid, lanceolate, 2.5cm by 11.5cm; grown
on a piece of cork covered with sphagnummoss, one flower on a 1.0cm
basal inflorescence and one bud; sepals and petals yellow spotted red
brown; lateral sepals spotted more heavily; lip hinged, solid maroon;
callus yellow substance very firm texture waxy; native of Thailand Laos
and Vietnam.
CHM, 84 points

Thanks in advance for working on the plant ID.
Walter Crawford
Trias disciflora, award # 20097922, has been confirmed to be Trias disciflora by the SITF (Dec 2009). You can now process the award.


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