Xylobium dayanum confirmed to be Xylobium variegatum

Xylobium dayanum confirmed to be Xylobium variegatum

Xylobium dayanum Alex’, CBR/AOS (provisional)

Fourteen non-resupinate, stellate flowers evenly arranged on one 18-cm upright inflorescence; sepals and petals pale pink striped mahogany; lip pink overlaid dark mahogany distally; column cream-color; substance firm; texture glossy; country of origin Ecuador.

NS 3.7cm horizontal x 2.6cm vertical

DS 0.8cm wide by 1.7cm long

Pet 0.8cm wide by 1.8cm long

LS  0.5cm wide by 1.5cm long

Lip 0.4cm wide by 1.4cm long

The plant received this CBR on October 15, 2010,  Florida-Caribbean .

The center chair is now Jose Exposito and the award number is 20106771.

Xylobium dayanum, award 20106771, has been confirmed to be Xylobium variegatum by SITF (Dec 2011) with assistance of Germán Carnevali. 


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