AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (2)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat Index January 2023

06:22 Oncidium leaf spotting
10:54 Coelia bella leaf stripes
13:41 Keikis and how to pot them up
16:48 Phalaenopsis leaf irregularities
19:18 Mechanical damage to leaves
22:03 Vanda brown and dry leaf tips
25:27 Light meters and how to read them
30:17 Repotting lining the bottom of the pot
34:43 Winter care for orchids in the Midwest
37:13 Miltoniopsis how to meet the moisture needs
38:25 Phalaenopsis dehydration
40:43 Flowering your orchid
46:49 Vanda brown spots on the leaves
48:44 Cattleya leaf spotting growing under lights
50:34 Phalaenopsis leaf spotting
52:09 Indoor pest control
54:01 Variety of leaf damage (multiple slides)
1:02:57 Oncidium what medium should I use
1:05:05 Nutrition and Ph levels
1:07:39 Spag Moss and too much moisture
1:09:48 Charcoal when to use it or not
1:13:16 Laeliocattleya when to repot

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