AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat Index November 2022

07:10 Miltoniopsis leaf dieback turning brown
11:38 Phragmipedium leaf damage possible scale
17:02 Bloom cycle adaptation
20:37 Judging a plant with a lot of external roots
22:30 Organic Kelp
26:04 pseudobulb sheathing
29:26 Insects on my leaves
32:37 Sticky droplets on my plant
34:50 Cattleya leaf spotting and virus testing
37:55 Fertilizer and fungicide mix/bottle life
39:43 Yellow leaves
40:34 Time-release fertilizers
42:35 Crown rot
43:54 Pleurothallis leaf damage
45:46 Vanda roots and dehydration
47:54 Phalaenopsis leaf damage
50:43 Cattleya bloom sheaths but does not bloom
58:10 Insect growth regulators and how to use them
1:04:14 Cattleya flowering time for seedlings

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