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Material for Affiliated Societies (use at shows, meetings, etc.)

AOS Presentation
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Ten Reasons to Join
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AOS Benefits Sheet
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The American Orchid Society has

The American Orchid Society has over 500 local affiliated societies worldwide. These local groups are the Society's direct link to the orchid grower. Local orchids society meetings are the best introduction to the fascinating world of orchids. There you will learn about growing orchids under local conditions and discover which orchids flower best in your area. Monthly meetings often feature a program, sales or raffle table, education session, the opportunity to discuss culture and exchange plants. Search our database to find a group near you - attend a meeting!

Free Listings of Your Society
One of the primary benefits of being affiliated with the AOS is that meeting and contact information for each affiliate is listed in the popular AOS Orchid Source Directory (which is disseminated every other year, free, to all AOS members) and here on the Society’s Web site. It is the responsibility of each society to maintain current and correct information.

Listing of Your Society’s Shows in Orchids and on the AOS Web Site
The show dates for your Society’s orchid show will be printed in the Calendar of Events section of the Orchids magazine, as well as here on the Society’s Web site.

Certificates of Appreciation
Each affiliate is eligible to receive annually two free Certificates of Appreciation for presentation to valued members of your own group. The beautiful certificates may be requested at any time from AOS headquarters.

Direct-mail Marketing Assistance
Access to AOS members’ names and addresses for the purpose of promoting your shows, seminars and special events via direct mail can be obtained from the AOS’s Membership Services Department. Please contact us well in advance of your anticipated mailing and let us know what states, countries or zip or postal code ranges you are interested in obtaining. While this service is free of charge, we do appreciate a donation to help defray costs associated with producing and mailing these lists.

The AOS archives webinars here on the website. These can be used as a Affiliated Society meeting program. This is especially useful in the event of a last minute speaker cancellation.

A newsletter ties an orchid club together. Use it to inform local society members of upcoming events. The best newsletters also educate members by offering culture tips and online resources. Coming up with monthly content can be challenging. We offer suggestions here in our newsletter resources for producing an engaging newsletter. Use our clip art or puzzles as filler in lean months.

The Distinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award (DASSA)
This prestigious award is given to an affiliate in recognition of sustained, outstanding contributions in areas of service and support in the field of orchidology. Nominations for the DASSA may be made by any member of an AOS affiliate and should be forwarded to the Affiliated Societies Committee.

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Find and attend a local orchid society meeting. Meet orchid lovers and learn about growing orchids under your conditions and discover which orchids do well in your area. Monthly meetings often feature a program, sales and/or raffle table, education session and the opportunity to discuss culture and exchange plants. Find a group near you and attend a meeting!