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Material for Affiliated Societies (use at shows, meetings, etc.)

AOS Presentation
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  • Non-Animated PowerPoint
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  • PDF Version of Presentation
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Ten Reasons to Join
(short Powerpoint presentation)

AOS Benefits Sheet
(colorful handout for shows, meetings)

Establishing a Local Orchid Society

You and a group of friends have caught the fever! Orchid fever! There is, as you've discovered, no cure for this obsession, so you decide start an orchid society so as to share the fun and learning about this most fascinating of hobbies. Starting a new society can be a bit daunting, but others have come before you, and in this roadmap they have created a document that will give you and your peers a solid foundation from which to get started. The AOS is pleased to be able to provide this resource, and invites you to contact the Chair of the Affiliated Societies Committee should you have further questions or if we can offer any assistance whatsoever. Good luck!

Becoming an AOS affiliated society can be a very rewarding experience for a local group of hobbyists. It's orchid "networking" at its highest level, and there are only three simple steps to apply to join the hundreds of societies around the world that have achieved this special status:

  • Request an application for affiliation.
  • Assign an official "AOS Rep," who must be a member of the AOS.
  • Have an AOS membership in the name of your local society.

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Job Descriptions (PDF, 44kb)
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