published November 9, 2011

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Fellow AOS Members:

It is time once again to seek nominations for trustees to stand for election to the Board of Trustees of the American Orchid Society. The official call for nominations may be found below. All AOS members in good standing are eligible for election and members may nominate anyone for consideration, including themselves. The Nominating Committee will assess all nominations and present a ballot to be mailed prior to the spring AOS Members’ Meeting in Wichita, Kansas April 25-29, 2012 in accordance with AOS Bylaws.

I encourage all AOS members to read the call for nominations and submit recommendations of dedicated AOS members who can credibly represent the mission, vision and goals of the AOS, as well as provide other expertise as described in the call. Nominations should be made by submitting a letter of recommendation addressed to the Nominating Committee and sent to the email address listed in the call or to me. The letter should include the biographical information on the nominee (if available) and a personal statement regarding the nominee’s qualifications for office. Trustees attend at least two face-to-face meetings every year and participate in additional phone conferences and special meetings as necessary. Note that Trustees must pay their own expenses for travel to and lodging at these meetings and receive no compensation for their services. Tom Etheridge, AOS Trustee and Chair, Nominating Committee (email:

Call for Nominations for the
Board of Trustees of the American Orchid Society

This document outlines the qualities and skills most desirable for nominees to AOS trustee. Please note that although these competencies may not be required, they will be used in screening candidates for the final slate that will be proposed to the membership for election.

Foundation Competencies: These characteristics and skills will be sought in all candidates: Membership in AOS, integrity and ethical behavior, strong interpersonal and communication skills; knowledge of orchids; history of service to AOS and/or history of service to other orchid organizations (local or regional societies, regional or specialty alliances, orchid conservation, and orchid research).

Strategic Competencies: Expertise in the following is desirable and will be used prominently in the selection of candidates: finance, business and/or investment strategies; non-profit governance; information technology; marketing; fundraising and development; legal. In addition, increased representation by members who are not AOS judges and members with experience in the development and implementation of strategic planning processes is sought. Please note that lack of strength in the strategic competency areas will not preclude nomination of candidates who have a history of strong service in orchids.

Each letter of application should contain a brief personal biography or résumé of activities pertinent to the call for nominations and, where applicable, should fully delineate the candidate’s skills and experience in the foundation and strategic competencies outlined above.

Procedure for Nomination: Interested individuals may nominate themselves or others. Letters of application should be sent to Tom Etheridge, Chair, Nominating Committee, 1112 NW Solar Pl., Corvallis, OR, 97330, USA, or sent by email to For questions or discussion, please contact Tom Etheridge at 541-754-2335. In addition, candidates or people interested in making nominations may contact any of the other members for the Nominating Committee directly: Janice Yates, Howard Zoufaly, George Hatfield, Carol Zoltowski, Barbara Noe, and Carlos Fighetti. – Nominating Committee of the American Orchid Society