Additional Information

Orchid Collection Emergency Care Card

Emergencies such as power outages, equipment failure, glazing breakage, etc. often occur when the grower is absent and the collection is in the care of a non-orchidist friend or neighbor.  Do these people know who to contact for assistance in such emergencies?

We owe it to our plants - common or rare - to provide for their care under these circumstances.  Posting contact information in a prominent place in the growing area will assure that the caretaker has the necessary information for getting immediate help.  The survival of your collection may depend on it!

As part of the AOS Conservation Committee’s ongoing focus of disseminating practical conservation information, an emergency care contact card has been developed and is available for downloading. Simply click on the file link below, print it on bright paper to attract attention, add your contacts, laminate for protection and post it. You may be glad you did!

Download and print the Emergency Care Contact Card (prints on one 8½x11 sheet, fold in half)