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Cymbidiella rhodocheila

My Cymbidiella rhodocheila seems mature, with three green pseudobulbs and one leafless backbulb. I grow it high in the greenhouse where it receives strong light along with my cattleyas but cannot get it to flower. Is it an infrequent or reluctant flowerer? — Tom Capranica



First, the correct taxonomic name for your species is now Cymbidiella pardalina. Your plant is certainly of a mature size and I have seen various plants of a similar size being sold in bloom at a number of orchid shows over the past year or two. In Arizona, you will receive more than adequate light, and this epiphyte from Madagascar should relish your conditions, as it is commonly found perched on Platycerium ferns in open country. Many better-grown specimens I have seen have been cultivated in baskets; you might try this for your plant but I doubt this will make the difference between flowers and no flowers. Maybe try keeping the plant dryer over the winter to see if this shocks it into flowering. Perhaps the cooler part of your greenhouse could be its environment for the winter months. —
Andy Easton

Cymbidiella pardalina 'Joe's Magnifico' CHM/AOS
Exhibitor, Ralph Levy. AOS file photo 'Joe's Magnifico' CHM/AOS

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