February 2016
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July 2012 ORCHIDS The Bulletin of the American Orchid Society


Rodrumnia Flirtation ‘Nan-Nor’, AM/AOS (Radiant
Charm × Tolu. Elfin Star). Grower: Nancy and
Frank Ginocchio. Photographer: Greg Allikas.


◊  Equitant Oncidiums; the Hybridizers Behind Them

◊  How to Grow Tolumnias

◊  Paphiopedilum in China, part 3

◊  View from the North; Growing Orchids in Sweden, part 2

◊  Phalaenopsis doweryensis 'Highjack', AM/AOS

◊  The Genus Gongora

◊  Polystachya clareae

◊  Brassavola nodosa

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