published September 16, 2012

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2013 AOS Calendar

Experience orchids in their glorious, natural beauty with the 2013 AOS Conservation Calendar. Discovering an orchid growing in the wild is a thrilling experience. Not only are orchids beautiful and exotic, they are also a fundamental part of each ecosystem that they inhabit. For those eager to see orchids in nature, this calendar is sure to impress as it captures the complexity, visual delights and rich biodiversity of their natural habitats. This large 11x22", full-color calendar contains 14 months so you can keep dates into 2014. Each calendar is individually shrink-wrapped with cardboard stiffener. Enjoy the beauty of orchids in the wild as you support conservation, with $2 of each calendar purchase going to fund conservation projects. Wholesale pricing for groups available for boxes of 12. Order today whiel supplies are plentiful. Makes great holiday gifts!


$13.50 for members, $14.95 non-members postpaid in the United States.