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Judging Legal and Illegal Plants1

The AOS Trustees have accepted the position of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) that it is not the responsibility of the AOS to enforce USFWS regulations; hence, our judges may judge plants presented to them without seeking documentation. However, this does not absolve exhibitors of the responsibility of following current restrictions, having appropriate documentation for their plants or obeying the law. The AOS does not promote or condone the illegal importation of plants or the importation of plants on protected lists. 

Paphiopedilum gigantifolium2 and its hybrids — they are considered legal ONLY if they can be connected to a receipt from Piping Rock Orchids.

Paphiopedilum hangianum is simple — NO hybrids are legal and the only species plants that are legal were brought into this country in July of 2011. They were mature plants.

Paphiopedilum vietnamense and helenae — all are considered legal

Paphiopedilum wenshanense are considered legal because they entered the country during a period where they were considered to be x Paph. conco-bellatulum

ALL other Paphiopedilum species described after 1990 are not in legal cultivation.

  1. Cultivars of species released into cultivation by Hengduan Biotech (Holger Perner) from South China and hybrids between these species and other pre-ban species of Paphiopedilum may be AOS judged. To complete processing of the awards, exhibitors will be required to provide proof suitable to the AOS that such plants are traceable to legally released material. Such proof must include a copy of the CITES document issued to Hengduan Biotech under which the plants were entered into the country in which the exhibitor resides AND a copy of the receipt of sale transferring said plants from Hengduan Biotech to the exhibitor. If the exhibitor has purchased plants from third parties, a complete chain of receipts will be required in order to complete award processing.
  2. Cultivars of Paphiopedilum gigantifolium and hybrids between this species and other Paphiopedilum species and hybrids legally in cultivation may be AOS judged only if the cultivar can be traced directly to plants sold by Piping Rock Orchids. To complete processing of the award, the exhibitor will be required to furnish a copy of the receipt from Piping Rock indicating purchase of the plants and a copy of Piping Rock's EXPORT CITES list on which Paph. gigantifolium is listed. If plants were purchased from sources other than Piping Rock directly, for the award to be processed, a complete chain of sales receipts must be provided that trace the cultivar awarded from the exhibitor to a plant originally sold by Piping Rock.
For more information see the CITES website

Amended April 20, 2015