published November 8, 2012

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An Orchidist's Glossary

We are pleased to announce that An Orchidist's Glossary is now available in an online version as an AOS membership benefit. A glossary is an alphabetical list of concepts, terms and words within a given field of knowledge or science. It is in this sense that we have called this an "Orchidist's Glossary." It views the listed words from the viewpoint of an orchidist only, and thus is most meaningful when limited to its field. It is far from fully comprehensive, but it does embrace a fairly wide range of words used by orchid growers, orchid botanists and various orchid authors. Many longtime orchid growers still have dog-eared copies that they regularly refer to because this popular publication has been out of print for years. While the original print version contained only black and white illustrations the online version features full color. As an online publication it can be a "work in progress" that will grow and expand over time. Ever wonder what pandurata meant or what an "utricle" is? An Orchidist's Glossary will tell you! Online publishing also provides opportunity for multimedia such as audio and video files and more will be added over tim. along with many more photos. Once you get used to using this reference tool you will wonder how you got along without it!

An Orchidist's Glossary is for AOS members only and requires login.