published December3, 2012

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Bronstein Receives Gold Medal

On November 16, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, Howard Bronstein was awarded the AOS Gold Medal for his years of dedicated service to the American Orchid Society, the highest honor the organization bestows.

Howard has been active in the volunteer organization of the American Orchid Society since 1987, and is a Life Member of the AOS. He was on the Executive Committee from 1996-2004, serving as Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Vice-President and Executive Vice-President. Previously, he served on the Information Committee for several years, and Chaired that committee between 1994 and 1998. He is presently a member of the Judging Committee and the Information Technology Committee. In 1998, Howard received the prestigious AOS Silver Medal for outstanding service and contributions. Howard co-authored the computer program that maintains the AOS awards system; created and maintains the computer program used by the 33 judging centers to store their records and to submit their awards to headquarters; and authored the original AOS Awards-2002 CD program. The latest version of the program, AQ Plus, with some 1300 subscribers, is the principle research tool for the judging system with over 75,000 awards and 60,000 + award images He became an Accredited AOS Judge in 1992 and was the Treasurer of the Northeast Judging Center for many years.

Professionally, Howard is owner and President of Telecommunications Sciences, Inc. in Boston and TeleConsult,Inc, a subsidiary in New York City. This Delaware Corporation telecommunications consulting company was founded in 1979 in Boston. Its main activities are to consult to large institutions, professional organizations and general industry on their telephone and data network systems. Although now semi-retired, he still maintains a few clients such as the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and their facilities. After 40 years of living in the Boston area, Howard moved his company and residence to Lake County, Florida, in 2002, where he is enjoying year-round gardening, the warmth of Florida and his home. Now active in the Florida North Central Judging Center and the Central Florida Orchid Society, Bronstein is the Judging Chair for the Orlando shows given by CFOS.

"I will continue to serve the AOS with passion and enthusiasm," says Howard.