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Judith E. Higham, Pacific Northwest (Vancouver)
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My favourite photographic topics are portraiture, abstracts and macro in both digital and film formats. My husband Ed and I have created a wet darkroom in our home and are active in the Canadian Association for Photographic Art.

It is as exciting to be invited to photograph the annual shows of four orchid societies in this province's southwest as it is to photograph monthly for three orchid societies in metropolitan Vancouver. The vast number of orchid varieties makes this photo adventure life-long learning.

Whether I'm photographing a teeny tiny Lepanthes disticha, a large plant like the Brassia rex - both shown in this portfolio - or dissecting an orchid's secrets for the AOS identification process, excitement and wonder lead the way.

Colours, shapes, textures each yield the orchid as a work of art. Shooting a new mericlone like the Miltoniopsis 'Fantasia' or a centuries old species orchid, this art is my privilege to photograph and share.