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Holcoglossum kimballiana
I have a Holcoglossum kimballiana. At what temperature should I grow it? Any other cultural tips? — Carl Schultz



Holcoglossum (syn. Vanda) kimballiana is similar in habit to Vanda amesiana, and comes from medium elevations of 4,000 feet in China, Myanmar, Thailand and similar areas. It requires cool to intermediate conditions (80 F during the day with a 20-degree drop at night), similar to those for Vanda coerulea and Vanda coerulescens. Otherwise, grow this species as you would other similar plants in a slatted basket, either with no medium or a porous medium, or in another container that provides rapid drainage. — Ned Nash

Holcoglossum kimballiana 'Sherwood Forest' AM/AOS,
grown by Sherwood Forest Orchids; Photo: Donald Wilson.

Orchid Q&A

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