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Larry Johnson, Florida-Caribbean
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Larry Johnson is a classically trained French Horn musician whose love for photography has earned him international acclaim. His association with the Kendall Camera Club & many photographic workshops has gained him knowledge & experience in the photographic world. Excelling in his work & competitions Larry joined the PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

Beginning with a friendship in 1987, that loved orchids, Larry was invited to shoot the Awards for the Coral Gables Show & had for many years photographed for the Florida-Caribbean Region. He has had images in several AOS calendars and other AOS publications. He is an accredited AOS photographer.

His 27 years plus in handling and photographing animals has gained him world renown. Throughout the year he visits over 35 different major cities throughout the US, Europe and Japan, including his studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A complete traveling studio, lighting, backgrounds and knowledge of light, he will create art.