Petals of Generosity

Petals of Generosity - Name Your Orchid Legacy

Announcing a unique opportunity to merge the love of Orchids with a wish to honor, memorialize or otherwise show your appreciation!

For a Limited Time and Just in Time for the Holidays!

The American Orchid Society has partnered with an outstanding group orchid growers to bring you the chance to name a new orchid hybrid. The cross will be registered with the RHS under your chosen name.

A $1,000 donation to the American Orchid Society will grant you naming rights to an entire unregistered orchid grex from growers that include but is not limited to:
Blue Ridge Orchids
Deerwood Orchids
Exotic Plant Company/Mike Tibbs
Gold Country Orchids
Hatfield Orchids
Hillsview Gardens
Krull Smith, Inc.  
R.F. Orchids   
Sunset Valley Orchids
The Orchid Fix  

Hybrids available include cattleyas, cymbidiums, catasetinae, phalaenopsis, paphiopedilums and more. 

Donate online or contact the AOS Headquarters by email at or call 305-740-2010 for more details.

Help support vital orchid conservation, research, and education.
Your Support Makes a Difference.


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