Include a ruler in as many shots as practical. Include photos of details of the flower that you feel are significant but do not feel have been addressed in the description.

You must have permission from the owner to remove a flower for dissection. Return all dissected flower parts to the owner.

Entire plant showing growth details (floral bracts if present and inflorescence with point of emergence, rhizome, pseudobulbs, leaf and root tip (if visible).



(like standard award image view) with clear view of lip taken such that the lip surface can be seen and not simply the forward edge;


(profile including ovary and floral bract if present);

Individual petal and sepal if they are not clearly visible in the award shot revealing margins and surface texture;

Lip may need to be separated and flattened with a book or taped flat with clear tape;

Column showing side, ventral surface and anther/pollinia.


Close-up photographs of any distinguishing characteristics, callosities, pubescence, margins, appendices, side lobes, etc).

An example of a flattened lip and column along with dissected segments pinned to a foam board.