Coelogyne-carinata-2019-09-10***Determined to be Coelogyne tommyi, based on the number and arrangement of the keels on the lip (Nov 2019)***

Judging Center: PNW

Award Number: 20194957

Award Date: September 01, 2019

Awarded As: Coelogyne carinata

Coelogyne carinata Rolfe, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1895: 191 (1895).
This name is accepted.
Plant acquired from Andy’s as Coel. sarasinorum, a synonym of carinata.

Award Description: Four flowers and two buds on one upright 14-cm peduncle, four flowers and two buds on an 18-cm peduncle and four flowers and one bud on a 19-cm peduncle, borne on synanthous growths; plant with 25 pseudobulbs and short rhizomes, 51 cm diameter by 41 cm tall grown in 20 cm plastic basket in sphagnum moss, pseudobulbs square, tapered, unifoliate to 10 cm tall by 10.3 cm circumference, leaves lanceolate to 34.5 cm long by 4.7 cm wide; sepals and petals light translucent green, sepals ovate, dorsal sepal hooded; lip light green overlaid burnt orange, side lobes upright, midlobe recurved, three prominent dark brown keels, papillose; column light green, anther cap white; substance firm; texture crystalline; awarded for rarity and novelty, Plant native to New Guinea; submitted to SITF 9/19 as Coel carinata.


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