Cymbidium erythraeum var. album

Cymbidium erythraeum var. album

Cymbidium erythraeum var. flavum (Z.J.Liu & J.Yong Zhang) Z.J.Liu, S.C.Chen & P.J.Cribb, in Fl. China 25: 268 (2009).This name is accepted.

The exhibitor says this Cym erythraeum is called var. flavum in China, but he believes its var. album becasue it has no red pigmentation. We awarded it as var. album

Kathy Barrett

CSNJC, award 20123617

Cymbidium erythraeum var album has been confirmed to be Cymbidium
erythraeum var. flavum by SITF (Jan 2013).


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The type specimen for Cymbidium flavum Z. J. Liu & J. Yong Zhang, Orchidee (Hamburg) 53: 94. 2002 was based on an albino form. This 'species' was renamed as Cymbidium erythraeum var. flavum (Z. J. Liu & J. Yong Zhang) Z. J. Liu, S. C. Chen & P. J. Cribb, Fl. China. 25: 268. 2009 in recognition of its colour variation from the type form. The name Cymbidium erythraeum var. album has no botanical standing and should not be used unless it is validly published. The name for the plant pictured should be either C. erythraeum var flavum if it is the same as the named variety or given a cultivar name that is not latinised. It would then hold the name Cymbidium erythraeum 'insert cultivar name here'.

Kind regards,
Dr Randall W. Robinson
Victoria University,
Melbourne, VIC


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