Diodonopsis-pygmaea-2021-02-17***Determined to be Dryadella barrowii, not Diodonopsis pygmaea (Aug  2021); Masdevallia pygmaea is a synonym of Diodonopsis pygmaea; M. pygmaea has caudae on the lateral sepals, which this plant does not; D. barrowii is similar to D. albicans; two species, D. albicans and D. barrowii, are very similar; however, based on Luer's original line drawings of the labellums of albicans and barrowii in the SOF that show very different lip forms with a much larger lip and rounded apex in D. barrowii, which matches this plant, and a much smaller, oval lip in D. albicans which is different; also with the aid of outside expert, Daniela Imig, this plant is identified as Dryadella barrowii.***

Judging Center: CSN

Award Number: 20212262

Award Date: February 07, 2021

Awarded As: Diodonopsis pygmaea

This plant was given an HCC/AOS of 76 points.
While reviewing this award for invoicing, I searched to see if there were prior awards to the species and there was one prior, but it had never been verified, so I contacted Ron McHatton with the photo and he immediately thought that it was instead Dryadella albicans.
So we need to get an official ID on this one.



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