Gastrochilus rantabunensis

Gastrochilus rantabunensis

Gastrochilus rantabunensis:

Twelve flowers clustered on three 1-cm lateral inflorescences from a
monopodial, epiphytic plant grown on a 14-cm stick; sepal and petal
base color pale yellow-green, marked red-violet, petals hirsute
distally; lip hirsute, deeply saccate, entrance to nectary tinged
violet-red, apex clear green; substance heavy; texture crystalline;
recognized for rarity in cultivation; origin: Taiwan; identified by:
Lee, Yung-I PhD.

Gastrochilus rantabunensis been confirmed to be Gastrochilus rantabunensis by SITF (May2010) with assistance of Yung-I Lee.


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