Oeceoclades-splendida-2021-11-06***Confirmed as Oeceoclades splendida (Nov 2021); the species is very similar to O. humbertii, but O. humbertii has smaller flowers and four lanceolate leaves on the terminal pseudobulb and therefore is probably deciduous, where as O. splendida has mostly only one (sometimes two) oval, flat leaves which persist for a number of seasons; this plant shows only one leaf per pseudobulb and the leaves fit the description and photos almost exactly; size of the flower segments are in range for O. splendida; midlobe, if flattened, is a match to the line drawing in the original description.***

Judging Center: Pacific South - Santa Barbara

Award Number: 20215959

Award Date: May 22, 2021

Awarded As: Oeceoclades splendida

Please see the SITF Form attached



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