Ophidion dasyglossum confirmed to be Phloeophila pleurothallopsi

Ophidion dasyglossum confirmed to be Phloeophila pleurothallopsi

Award # 20132745

Batavia O.S. Show  2/16/13

Ophidion dasyglossum


Natural Spread       0.9cm/horiz.   0.9cm/vert.

Dorsal Sepal          0.7                  1.4

Petal                      0.9                  1.4    (this is an error should be Lateral sepal)

Lateral Sepal          ---                    ---

Lip                          ---                    ---


13cm x 13cm plant grown on a 13cm x 7cm cork slab; leaves lanceolate up to 5.5cm in length x 1cm in width;  inflorescense successive up to 6.5cm in length;

5 flowers and 2 buds on seven inflorescences;

flowers translucent green, heavily overlaid and mottled burgundy;  substance heavy;  texture glossy;  sepals fused distally  open windows similar to Zootrophion;  horticultural synonym Phloeophila dasyglossa.

CBR/AOS  signed     James Spatzek

I got the plant Sept. 2010 from Andrea Niesson/Orquideas del Valle.

there are 42 leaves, the longest is 6.4cm x 1.2cm,  the smallest(mature) is 5.0cm x 0.7cm.  the ramicauls have 3 burgundy sheaths.  The leaf tips have 3 very sharp almost hairlike points(tips).the central one is the finest.  Inflorescences are sequential, 2 to 3 flowered.  Ramicauls  bloom more than once.  Young leaves emerge with a reddish tint.  The growth habit is caespitose.  There are two sheaths, low and midway on the inflorescense, and each flower also has a sheath to rise out of.

Ophidion dasyglossumaward  20132745, has been confirmed to be Phloeophila pleurothallopsis, by SITF (April 2013), with assistance of Gustavo Aguirre.



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