Ornithocephalus-gladiatus-2023-01-17 *SITF has determined that this plant is Ornithocephalus dolabratus, not Ornithocephalus gladiatus (Jul 2023).

This plant does not match the drawing by Hooker in 1824, the apiculations on the apices of the sepals and petals are much longer than shown in the drawing. The form of O. dolabratus fits this flower better than O gladiatus, especially the dorsal sepal. The lateral sepals appear connated all the way to a long, apiculated apex, where the lateral sepals on O. gladiatus are spread and the long spur like extension at the apex of the lip matches O. dolabratus as can be seen in the IOSPE photo. Other matching photos can be found in the OW and Pinterest.

Judging Center: Mid-Atlantic

Award Number: 20224575

Award Date: December 10, 2022

Awarded As: Ornithocephalus gladiatus



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