Pholidota species, Otochilus species confirmed to be Otochilus fuscus

Pholidota species, Otochilus species confirmed to be Otochilus fuscus

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Description: Pseudobulbs on a medium sized plant are repent (correct word? they grow like Pholidota articulata with the next growth emerging from a node near the top of the pseudobulb). Pseudobulbs 6.1 cm Long 1.7 cm wide ovoid elliptical. Leaves bifoliate linearlanceolate with acute tips measuring 21.5 cm long 1.2 cm wide. Inflorescence arching 12.5 cm long and emerging from and before the new growth (similar to some Coelogynes, pholidotas). Flowers 1.0 cm wide, 1.3 cm long natural spread, Dorsal sepal .3 cm wide, .8 cm long. Petals .1 cm wide, .6 cm Long. Lateral sepals .3 cm wide, .8 cm long, lip .2 cm wide, .6 cm long. Column .6 cm long. Imported it from Vietnam. The award number is 20082017

Dear David and Bill,
Pholidota ( I do not know what name it was awarded under) #20082017 has been confirmed to be Otochilus fuscus by SITF (Jan 2009) with assistance by Leonid Averyanov.

An aside, he said (paraphrased) that all five of the Otochilus species are found in Vietnam and that they all differ from the types in small differences in the lip hypochile which our images do not clearly show. That having been said, he believes, if this did indeed come from Vietnam, that it most closely fits Otochilus fuscus (Lindl.) Rchf.f. and he would call it that. The flowers are a bit on the small side but otherwise ok.

Patricia Harding, chair SITF



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