Judging Center: PRJC

Award Number: 20186372

Award Date: April 12, 2018

Awarded As: Stelis dressleri

One hundred-eight minute flowers and one hundred buds on 18 inflorescences originating under the surfaces of the leaves; plant scandent, 12cm tall by 14 cm wide attached to a 10cm long wood branch; flower segments too small to measure; base color light creamy green, sepals glabrous, spread into a flat-flower; petals margins thick, shortly pubescent; lip, concave, suffused mahogany centrally, thick ridge in the midde; substance firm; texture crystalline; provisionally awarded as Stelis dressleri Luer, Phytologia 49(3): 227-228. 1981 and not Stelis dressleri (Luer) Pridgeon M.W. Chase, Lindleyana 16(4): 262. 2001 WCSPF name is Stelis cymbisepala Pridgeon M.W. Chase, Lindleyana 17(2): 98-99. 2002; per WCSPF natural distribution is Costa Rica to Panamá; Franco Pupulin, who was present at the show tentatively verified the species that is pending final taxonomic verification by SITF.



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