Greenhouse Chat January 2015

Greenhouse Chat January 2015

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

04:05   What are the nodes on my Paphiopedium
06:15   Brown tips on Dendrobium chrysotoxum
08:18   Potting in bark versus soil
13:35   Which orchids have yellowish tinge to their leaves
15:55   Can Phyton 35 be substituted for 27 as a fungicide bactericide
16:54   To what species are Phyton products phytoxic
18:41   What causes a Phalaenopsis to produce a terminal flower spike
20:41   How do I know when to repot
21:14   What is causing the spots on my Dendrobium?
24:12   Do you recommend spraying new plants prophylactically
26:17   What do ants have to do with scale
27:25   How do I clean plastic and clay pots
29:05   Can orchids be repotted in ceramic pot without a plastic pot
30:07   How do you plant Cymbidiums in the ground
31:27   My Cymbidium has developed soft or limp black marks on the leaves
32:28   Are double blooms common
33:19   Will neighbor’s security light impact the Cattleyas in my greenhouse
34:52   Leaves on my plant have raised bulges of sap
36:57   How do I get my plant to stop growing sideways and stand up
38:45   I’ve had this orchid for 7 years, should I repot it
40:45   Cattleya bicolor buds won’t open
42:03   What are the rust colored spots on my Paphiopedilum
43:09   How do you care for seedlings when coming out of flask
46:09   What is eating my Phalaenopsis leaves
48:00   Is the blue orchid in my photo natural or dyed
50:20   Are genetically engineered orchids still orchids
54:15   What is the best way to clean the leaves of a Phalaenopsis
56:29   What is the ratio of alcohol, Formula 409 and water in a solution for killing insects
57:41   Can I stop buds from dropping off my Phalaenopsis before they have opened
01:01:44   How do you use iron sulfate to get rid of snails
01:04:40   What type of orchid would you recommend for growing outside in a tropical environment
01:05:50   I have lots of spiders in my yard, will that make my orchids at risk for mites
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