AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (3)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat Index February 2023

05:55 Softened water
08:33 Cattleya reblooming problem
10:52 Brassia reblooming problems
14:21 Bringing blooming plants in the house
16:12 Oncidium very stressed plant
21:03 Miltoniopsis new growth turning brown
24:22 Cattleya tissue culture
28:59 Paphiopedilum brown veining in the leaves
31:45 Phalaenopsis roots coming out of the middle of the plant
35:27 Orchid guarantees what to expect
41:21 Paphiopedilum leaves wilting
42:36 Cattleya growing more than one new growth
45:49 Oncidium leaf damage
47:23 Humidity trays
51:25 Leaf damage possible bacterial
57:41 Oncidium Sharry Baby stopped growing
1:02:21 Hot misters
1:03:54 Growing new roots on a plant with just a few live roots left
1:06:25 Miltoniopsis more on new growth turning brown
1:10:24 New growth turning black

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