AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (6)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat June 2023

04:19 Watering orchids
09:40 Sunburn damage
12:21 Cattleya black leaves
15:21 Hydroponic growing
17:32 Wilted leaves
20:16 Phalaenopsis growing temperatures
23:31 Vandas not blooming
25:58 Dendrobium leaf spotting
28:38 Catasetum leaf spotting
31:28 Pseudobulb shrivel and yellow
35:11 Phalaenopsis light needs
37:34 Coelogyne leaf dark spots
39:59 Phalaenopsis leaf tip damage
42:17 Phalaenopsis in sphagnum moss
45:30 Oncidium Sharry Baby humidity needs
47:52 Mites and thrips control
52:26 Potting old bulbs below the medium surface

White Greenhouse

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