AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (7)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat July 2023

04:10 Paphiopedilum fuzzy roots
08:36 Dendrobium winter rest periods and watering
10:34 Oncidium back growths and trimming
13:10 Phalaenopsis leaf spots
16:45 Phalaenopsis strange blooms
19:34 Cattleya rounds spots on the leaves
23:30 Hydroponic growing
26:57 Oncidium Sharry Baby leaf spots
28:36 Charcoal and it’s benefits
30:49 Yellowing back bulbs
34:24 Dendrobiums and growing temperatures
36:57 Upside down blooms???
39:48 Vanda mariae leaf loss
43:33 Phalaenopsis repotting and pot size
47:00 Cattleya leaf hail damage
49:00 mealybug control
52:45 Paphiopedilum temperature effects on blooming
54:30 Vanda leaf streaking and loss
56:03 SuperThrive use

White Greenhouse

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