Greenhouse Chat February 2018

Greenhouse Chat February 2018

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

00:33    Terrarium miniatures packing for travel
04:20    Identifying foliar discoloration on Phalaenopsis
08:08    Spotted leaves on Zygopetalum hybrids
10:46    leaf tips lightening may indicate dehydration
14:15    Cattleyas  - are some colors easier to bloom than others
20:56    Failing Phalaenopsis after repotting - possible causes
25:00:00    High pH well water does it kill orchids?
29:15:00    Life expectancy of an orchid
31:55:00    Trichopilia suavis var. alba normal growth patterns
34:34:00    Growing new roots - the use of root stimulators, other methods
42:08:00    Cymbidium with black leaf tips, causes
46:52:00    The use of distilled water on your orchids
48:18:00    What is emerging in my pot
48:55:00    Q & A  Lime pellets dissolved as a calcium source for orchids
51:27:00    Q & A  Transportation heat packs to stabilize temperature
54:06:00    Q & A What to do with aerial roots when repotting
56:04:00    Q & A Does water temperature matter
59:53:00    Q & A Cymbidium watering during bloom time
01:03:00    Q & A Is kelp a good fertilizer
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