Greenhouse Chat October 2017

Greenhouse Chat October 2017

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.

Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

00:48    Vanda (vandaceous) winter care
03:26    Aerides odorata winter care
04:37    Dendrobium moschatum - is it deciduous?
09:27    Oncidium sharry baby - color break possibilities
14:00    Prophylactic treatment of orchids
20:36    Fusarium damage after a cold snap and treatment suggestions
26:38    Oncidium intergenerics culture and repotting
28:59    Plug plants growing in less than ideal conditions adaptations
31:14    Rescue orchid in freezing weather potential causes of brown spots
35:03    Rhyncholaelia digbyana spots on leaves - what are they?
39:18    Outdoor sodium light effects on orchids
41:28    Formerly Equitant Oncidium care,  now Tolumnia, not like oncidium care
46:13    Hydrogen Peroxide use as a pesticide
48:29    Stubborn flowering Vanda Gordon Dillon
50:31    Cattleya Earl 'Imperialis' explosive growth - no blooming
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