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Greenhouse Chat Index May 2023

05:07 Cattleya repotting
08:36 Zygonisia pseudobulbs yellowing
10:48 Oyster shell supplement
14:12 Epsom salts
16:55 Leaf damage in general
19:30 Using garlic, ginger, and turmeric for root growth
21:50 Urea in fertilizer
26:22 Leaf spotting
28:58 Leaf damage from mites or virus
33:00 Cattleya purple spots on the leaves
34:40 Temperature classifications
39:55 Root development
41:13 Aerial roots and trimming them
43:34 Extended answer to question #1
45:22 Mixing fertilizers together
46:22 Moving your orchid to a different growing area
48:05 IGR’s and when to use them
50:15 Repotting and how much it effects the flowering
52:37 Mounted orchids and watering them
55:23 Mixing products for scale
57:57 Trimming roots

snowy landscape

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