Greenhouse Chat July 2020

Greenhouse Chat July 2020

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.
Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

5:00 Repotting a plant that is not ready to repot
10:29 Saving a sick Phalaenopsis 
16:01 Cattleya tenebrosa old pseudobulbs are dying 
21:00 Paphiopedilum leaf health and color
23:06 Dendrobium with bad thrips and now growing keikis
25:54 leaf damage from cold temperature 
27:45 Do you need to repot for nutrients
31:22 Repotting Phragmipedium
33:33 Can you eat orchids
37:14 Oncidiums general care and leaf spots
42:15 Cattleya leaf spots and streaks
46:50 Oncidium reflowering
50:05 Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata Growing indoors?? And how to pot them
52:40 Phalaenopsis equestris bad leaf spotting
55:02 Paphiopedilum culture tips 
57:44 Water quality hard water and pH
1:07:26 Growing Cattleyas in gravel
1:10:35 Managing algae in sphagnum in clear pots
1:12:08 Reusing pots
1:14:11 Cattleya cutting the bloom spike
1:14:30 Spreading coffee grounds on the media for slugs and snails 
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