Greenhouse Chat April 2020

Greenhouse Chat April 2020

Orchid related questions, answered by AOS experts.
Note the specific times below if you wish to watch or listen to those topics.

08:18 Water temperature for watering orchids
12:21 Introducing a new orchid to your collection
16:09 Vanda leaf spots
20:05 Moving your orchids to new growing conditions
22:11 Strange green nub on a root
24:55 Phragmipedium leaf spots
27:57 Phalaenopsis leaf damage
31:35 Coelogyne long rhizome growth
35:26 Phragmipedium leaf problems
37:05 Prevention of infestation
39:17 Options to disposable gloves
41:17 Organic fertilizer
44:18 Rhynchostylis leaf problems
46:14 Dunking your orchid for pest control
48:27 Cymbidium spots on the flower
50:21 Mounting orchids
51:37 Paphiopedilum leaf tip damage
53:38 Thrips and how to deal with them
1:00:48 Cattleya leaves with hard lipped edges

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